Learning How to Park A Car Like A Pro

When parking your car, it is important that you know how to look for the reference points through your window to know how to park your car and get it into the middle of the space while protecting your car from hitting any obstacles. When you park your car right, you are also being considerate to other users in the parking lot. Here are different styles of parking that you need to master before you head towards your first driving test:


Perpendicular parking

This type of parking is quite challenging for the new drivers and for those who are not familiar with how to measure the driving distances.in reality, perpendicular parking is very simple and you can do this by simply looking at your side mirror. Since the spaces are side by side in perpendicular parking, you need to be very careful when parking your car because minor negligence will make you scratch the car parked next to your parking space. Here is how you can do:

• Keep the turning signal on and move slowly to the parking area.

• Turn your bumper when your side mirror is slightly forward to the center of the parking stall. You might feel that you cannot see the far line of the stall because the car frame has blocked it. There is nothing to worry about because the far line is not taken to be the reference line.

• You must straighten your wheels as your car hood has passed the center of the parking space, and this is how you can park your car quite close to the center of the parking space.

Angle parking

Angle parking seems to be the easiest one in types of parking you have to learn. However, you need to practice a little before you can become the master of it. Whenever you are given the option of choosing perpendicular parking or angled parking, it is recommended that you choose the later. You know you have done it well when there is an equal space on both sides of your car within the designated parking space. You need to ensure that your bumper has not crossed over the front line and the back bumper is not hanging out past the ends of two parallel lines. Here is how you can do angle parking:

• Keep your car at least six feet out from the parking lot. Keep your indicators on to show others that you will be turning soon.

• Keep your wheels straight till the time your front bumper reaches the middle area of the parking stall you wish to use. Slow down your car and enter the area.

• Straighten your car’s wheels once your car has passed the middle of the parking lot.

• Stop your car once the bumper has reached the front-end line. Keep your vehicle’s wheel straight so you do not face any problem when going out.

Parallel parking

Knowing how to do this type of parking is a must for those who drive in the city where parking space is very limited. Parallel parking can be the most difficult part of the driving test as well. in order to master this skill, you just need to understand its strategy and then practice. Here is how you can do parallel parking with no difficulty at all:

• Study the space thoroughly as you plan to park your car. The parking space must be at least six feet longer than the length of your car.

• Keep your car at least four feet away from the car in front of the space where you are backing into.

• Look in the back passenger window on the side where you are planning to park. Make sure you see the rear of the car you are next to in the rear passenger window.

• Turn the steering wheel and create an angle of forty five degrees.

• Remember to turn the steering wheel fast while moving the car slowly.

• Once you are close to the curb, turn your car steering to the other side swiftly.

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