It’s Possible to Overcome The Fear Of Driving!

There are many people who desire to drive a car but somehow cannot bring themselves to do so. They have a fear of driving a vehicle which restrains them enjoying the wonderful experience of enjoying a good car ride on their own. Driving phobia is very common and there are many reasons for it. While some do not like the idea of being in a traffic collision, others are afraid of drunk drivers, big trucks and other cars around them on the road.

If you are one those who have a natural fear of being behind the wheel, there is nothing to be ashamed of. You are certainly not the only one in this world. To overcome this fear, it is very important that you take admission in a reputable driving school. The driving instructor will know how to make you feel normal. There have been many cases when the instructors spent one or two- two hours lessons in the parking lot so that the student can get used to the feel of driving. Here are some useful tips that can assist you in reducing your fear of driving:

Face the fear

If your fear level is so extreme that you cannot even get into the car, then nothing can be done. However, if you have a slight courage to drive, then nothing can stop you from driving. Even though driving might cause anxiety, you have to keep trying to get behind the wheel. This is the only way how you can overcome the phobia of driving. As you begin to drive, you will see that it is not as scary as you have thought.


Driving in slow traffic areas and safe areas

To give a kick-start to your driving skills, it is better if you get a feeling of being behind the feel in calm and safe areas. You can look for some large and empty parking lots and drive there for some time. The longer you drive there, the better it would be. It would be an ideal state when you are driving in an area where the traffic will not cause problems for your practice.

Don’t add to your anxiety

While driving, make sure that your own driving is not adding to your anxiety level. In order to have a smooth driving experience, it is better that you drive within the speed limit, check your blind spots and signal before you turn etc. There are many people who feel anxiety because they are driving in a dangerous manner. Make sure you do not do so.

A quick list of handy tips to overcome fear of driving

• Once you have begun to drive occasionally, you must try to drive in areas you are most fearful at times when there is less traffic. This is how you will feel safer and can overcome your fear.

• There is no need to avoid driving simply because you are afraid. It is you who have to face this fear and conquer it slowly.

• Avoid driving with someone who makes you nervous. You can take driving lessons from a reputable driving school rather than relying on parents or spouse who have little or no patience.

• Ensure that you are well rested when you drive. According to various research studies, it was found that exhaustion and lack of sleep can cause stronger emotional reaction as compared to when a person is well rested.

• There is no need to overload yourself while driving. You can take frequent breaks as you drive and pull to a parking lot or a curb when you feel that your anxiety is getting severe.

• It is better if you do not take caffeine or junk food with sugar before you drive. Take a healthy meal and you will see that your emotions are well balanced.

• Try to be surrounded with friends and family who are there to support you in overcoming this fear.

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