How To Reverse Your Car Around A Corner Like A Pro

Driving forward is quite easy whereas reversing is a bit trickier. The driving instructors spend a decent amount of time in teaching their students how to reverse their car in a perfect manner because this is something that is always checked in the driving test. Reversing round the corner is also one of the most difficult driving techniques which every student should master before he sits for the driving test. In order to become proficient at this, it is very important that you adopt a step by step approach. Reversing the car, and especially around the corner involves a few stages which you have to accomplish in parts. Once each stage is executed properly, the overall task can be done with expert precision.

Phase one: The right approach


Before you begin to reverse your car, you must show the oncoming traffic your intention to navigate the corner. This can be done by simply using the light indicator as you reach the junction. Similarly, it is better if you check and see the traffic conditions on the road where you are about to reversed into. In case it’s a busy road, extra care will be required as you turn your car. When reversing your car, bring it to stop almost half a meter from the kerb and around two car lengths after the junction. You may now cancel the light indicator and release the seat belt so that a complete visual check is done.

Phase two: Executing the turn

Once you know that the road is clear, you can begin to reverse your car. The reverse gear should be engaged and you must move your car slowly. There is no need for any signal now. However, you need to keep full check on the mirrors at the same time. Once the vehicle reaches the apex of the corner, you will see that the kerb has disappeared from the side mirror and the rear view mirror. As it happens, turn the steering to an appropriate level. A steady walking space must be used throughout the maneuver.

A few points to remember while turning

• When turning your steering to the left as you reverse your car, you must remember that the front of your car will swing right. Therefore, you must keep an eye on the both sides.

• While reversing, if any pedestrian or traffic appears on either from the road being driven into or the road being reversed from, it is imperative to stop at that very moment and wait till the coast is clear.

• If a vehicle stops because it cannot pass your car, then you must go back to your original position and repeat the process once the space is cleared.

Phase three: Completing the turn

Once the corner has been reached successfully, you may begin to straighten the steering before bring your car to halt. Make sure you maintain the distance of almost two car lengths from the junction and almost half a meter from the kerb. Keep checking the side mirrors and rear view mirrors until your car comes to a full standstill.

Some useful tips to consider

• Before beginning to reverse your car, minimize the blind spot by adjusting the rear view mirror.

• Make sure that the passengers in the car are not blocking your vision from behind.

• Be prepared to stop at any moment.

• When reversing the vehicle, never use the gas pedal.

• You may also roll up your windows so that you can hear what is behind you.

The above mentioned tips are pretty simple to remember and follow when reversing your car, and they can actually help you in becoming a good driver. All in all, how well you reverse your car primarily depends on your self confidence, driving skills and how well you abide to the traffic rules. When you attend a reliable driving school in Calgary, it’s more often than not that you can master reversing your car around a corner easily.

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