Q. Do I need to obtain Medical Checkup to enroll driving courses?
A. Medical is only necessary if you are enrolling for Class 1, Class 2 or Class 4 driving licence. For basic licence it’s optional. If you are not sure about your health condition then you can go for a checkup before enrolling for driver training.

Q.  When can I start my driver training course?

A. You can start anytime when available. Please call our office anytime at (403)984-3344 and check with the availability for driving classes and time. We are available to answer 24/7.

Q. Is it possible to pick me up from my home and drop me off after driving lesson? Do you charge extra for this service?
A  We can definitely pick you up and drop you off after the class. We do not charge extra for this service but pickup and drop off service may depend upon where you reside.

Q. Do I have to pay the full amount during registration? When should I pay the course fee?
A. You don’t have to pay in full during registration. You can pay 50% of your course fee during the course registration and pay rest of the balance before you start your car driving lesson.

Q. Is it necessary to have the Class 7 Learner’s Licence with me during registration? When do you require this licence?
A.  We do not need it during the course registration process but we do require your Class 7 Learner’s licence before you start the Car Driving Lessons.

Q.  Where and how can I get my Class 7 Learner’s Licence?
A. You can achieve your Class 7 Learner’s Licence from any government approved Registry office in Calgary. You have to study the Handbook provided by Alberta Government and attempt the learner’s exam at the registry office. Some fees will be applied to obtain your licence.

Q.  Do you provide Female instructor for driving lessons?
A. We have experienced and highly qualified Female Instructor. You have to let us know about your preference during registration.

Q. What happens if I cancel my scheduled in-car lesson on the same day?

A. 48 hours notice is required to cancel any in-car driving lesson. If you cancel the same day, there will be a cancellation fee.

Q. Are you going to take the road test after completing the course?
A. No, all road tests are conducted by the Registry Offices. We can only provide the vehicle for Road Test with a fee.

Q. Before I enroll in my driving course will I need to take a medical check-up?
A. If you are applying for the basic driving licence it is up to you whether you get a medical check-up or not. However, medical check-ups are required if you plan to enroll to get your driving licence for Classes 1, 2, 3 or 4. You would also be wise to get a medical check-up if you are uncertain about your state of health or have any medical issues that may affect your ability to drive in any way.

Q. Can I enroll immediately in my driver training programme?
A. Yes – you can start whenever we have classes available for the type of licence you are looking for. Please telephone us 24/7 on (403)984-3344 and our office staff will be able to advise you on when we have classes available for you, and the time at which the classes start.

Q. Will you be able to collect me from my house and drop me back there after my class and, if so, do you make an extra charge for providing this service?
A We always do our very best to collect our clients and drop them back at the agreed location after the class is over. However, we need to agree the location with you in advance and this may or may not be your home, depending on the accessibility of the area you reside in.

Q. When I register will I be expected to pay the full cost of the entire course up front? If not, how and when do I make payments for the course?
A. We usually request that you pay half the course fee upfront when you register and then the balance any time in the days before you take your first class.

Q. Do I need to take my Class 7 (Learner’s Licence) with me when I register? If not, when will you need to see my class 7 licence?
A. No – it’s not necessary to bring your Class 7 licence with you when you register but we will need to see it before you take your first class.

Q. How do I go about getting my Class 7 Learner’s Licence, and where can I get it from?
A. Before applying for your Class 7 Learner’s Licence you must be sure to study the Alberta Government Handbook and sit and pass the qualifying exam. You can take the exam at any one of the government-approved Registry offices located throughout Calgary on payment of the approved fee.

Q. Are there any women instructors in your driving school who could teach me?
A. Yes. We can arrange for you to have a female instructor – please just specify your preferences when you register with us.
Q. Do you charge cancellation fees and if so, how much notice do you need to waive the cancellation charge?
A. We request two days’ prior notice (48 hours) to cancel your in-car lesson so that we can reschedule this time slot for another student. Same-day cancellations will be charged our cancellation fee.

Q. Who will test me once I finish your driving course?
A. We cannot administer the test itself – this is always conducted by a qualified Alberta Registry office official. However, we can provide you with the same vehicle you have been practicing in, for a small fee.
If you have any other questions about our driving lessons please don’t hesitate to:

Call our office on (403) 984-3344
Call Sanjiv on his direct line at 403-680-8200
Fax us on (403) 455-3344, or
Email us at info@canprodriving.com
We can teach you to drive in the language of your choice – ENGLISH, HINDI, PUNJABI, URDU, CHINESE and TAGALOG (FILIPINO)

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